Are you having some bad days with your credit card? If yes, then don’t worry because we are here to guide you up regarding the Mymilestonecard. In a real sense, credit cards should fulfill most of our financial needs, and it shouldn’t prove to be a headache for us. So for avoiding the usual troubles which you get with your credit card, grab out the mymilestonecard.

This card is best for clients who think about applying for a credit card without compromising the worthiness of their time and all the other stuff. There are lot many added benefits that you get along with this card. While using this card, the users can not only utilize their card for day-to-day means but also can get loads of attractive offers over those. This brand has all the beautiful and fascinating offers opened, and so it is one of the benefits of the mymilestonecard.

MymilestoneCard Registration Procedure 

For registering in case of the mymilestonecard login, you have to follow all the steps mentioned below, and also you need to mention the details of your registration procedure initially.

  1. Initially, you need to visit the official website of the mymilestonecard, i.e. and then you have to proceed further by clicking on the register section.
  2. After clicking on the register section, you will be further redirected towards the registration page of mymilestonecard.
  3. When you go on that page, you will find three different discrete columns: Social security number, Bank details like a bank account number. You also need to enter your date of birth over there.
  4. While filling the details over there, ensure that you fill all the details correctly because later on, you cannot make any changes into those details.
  5. After taking a final look at all the details and ensuring that all the details are correctly filled, then click on the “submit” option to submit the form.

After following all the steps mentioned above and after submitting the form, your registration as a new member of the mymilestoneCard will be completed successfully.

MymilestoneCard Login

If your registration regarding the mymilestonecard is already completed, then the only thing you have to do is log in to the mymilestonecard. For the successful MymilestoneCard log-in, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned below in a proper manner.

  1. There is a requirement of a private laptop or PC for the registered users.
  2. From the laptop, you need to go on the website of
  3. Then enter all the details required over there for logging in into the page.
  4. For logging in, enter your username and password over there.
  5. After ensuring that the username and password entered by you are correct then click on log in.

How to Apply for Mymilestonecard in an Online manner?

If any client wants the mymilestonecard, then it would be best if he/she applies for the card in an online manner. For applying for the mymilestonecard in an online way, you need to follow all the guidelines mentioned below in a proper manner.

  1. Initially, you ought to visit the official website of mymilestonecard, i.e., by clicking over the link.
  2. By tapping on the link, you will be directly taken towards the page containing the application form of Mymilestonecard.
  3. Then on that page, you need to fill the application form very correctly and precisely.
  4. Then, later on, check the section which consists up of the “consent for electronic information.”
  5. Later on, select on the option of “prequalify now” section for verifying whether the client is eligible for the application of the Mymilestonecard.
  6. If you are applicable in logging into my milestone card, then the officials will directly contact you for the further procedure. And also they will brief you about the credit card offers in detail.

What is MyMilestoneCard?


In the year 1891, the Bank of Missouri was founded as the Bank of Perryville. It is decided to launch the official credit card for payment convenience. In 1997, the bank changed its name to Bank of Missouri and the ease-of-activity activity spread to customers as the firm survives.

Genesis Financial Solutions is a consumer-focused financial services brand, behind the My Milestone card. It was established in 2001 and the company helps individuals with low credit scores develop their credit profile.

My Milestone Card Important Highlights

Official NameMyMilestoneCard
IdentityCredit Card
BenefitsCredit Score, Online Payment
Eligibility18 years or Above

My Milestone Card Credit Scores

My milestone cards are actually safe cards for people with bad credit. If a person is in an emergency or wants you to change their credit card, the best option is to get a new credit card to improve credit points.

This card is not an ideal card like any other relevant credit card, as it also includes annual fees, transaction fees and penalties for making online payments. The only good thing about this card is that it can be obtained with low APR, without good credit for the cardholders.

Required MyMilestoneCard

  • Milestone MasterCard Gold.
  • Milestone MasterCard.
  • Milestone Mastercard (mobile access).
  • Milestone Mastercard with free choice.

MyMilestoneCard Eligibility Criteria

Every individual has the dream of getting the mymilestonecard and thinks that it’s a simple process of getting it by applying online on, but that process is not simple as it looks. As this is a well-known and one of the famous credit card issuing company, so you have to fulfill all the criteria required for applying to the Mymilestonecard. The eligibility criteria for this card are as follows.

  1. The applicant must complete 18 years of age while applying for this card.
  2. The individual applying for this card must have his/her own permanent address, bank account, US ID, and also the social security number.
  3. The individual must meet all the necessary business income requirements as well as the guidelines of the examination.
  4. The applicant shouldn’t have any other credit card account with any other bank.
  5. The applicant is bounded to follow all the necessary guidelines and instructions given by the bank.

Mymilestonecard Features

Mymilestonecard is a card that is up by offering all the golden benefits to all its customers. The features experienced while using this card are as mentioned below.

  1. It is quickly available to the costumers who are applicable for this card.
  2. It doesn’t have any impact on the credit points or the ratings.
  3. You have the freedom to choose the correct design that you prefer.
  4. This firm uses smart card technology.
  5. The cardholders get free access of this card while using it in an online manner.
  6. No security deposit is required and even no responsibility needed to be taken.
  7. It is straightforward to apply and register.
  8. Logging in is also a simple job over here.
  9. You can pay your other bills online by using the direct debit facility.
  10. It offers paperless transactions, and you would get your bank statements and receipts in online manner itself.
  11. Account information can be thoroughly updated at any time, so no need to go into the bank to correct it.
  12. The users can create a decent and also a legitimate credit score.

Mymilestonecard Contact Us

  • Phone: 866-453-2636
  • FAX: 503-268-4711
  • Correspondence address:
    • Genesis FS Card Services
    • PO Box 4477
    • Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

About MyMilestoneCard

he official is one of the best solutions to get all the benefits even in poor credit score. With the help of this card, it is very easy for the customers to create and use the annual fees of the card. Tt can sometimes improve a lower credit limit for cardholders to maintain low usage of the relevant credit card.

The legitimate Milestone Credit Card Login portal helps all the new and existing cardholders to access the online portal. But for that, there are some instructions which they need to follow to become successful cardholders. The customers of this card need to accept the brand’s purpose and official policies behind giving credit cards along with official norms, rules, and regulations.

So this was all about applying for my milestone card, the process for logging in, and the features of this card. We think that we have cleared most of your doubts in our article. So if you find our article insightful, then do like and share our writings.